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Re: Old bulls

That is a very interesting pedigree with many different combinations of bulls unlike a modern pedigree and it took a lot of reading.

Looking at Ammo P i think Armani could be a great option for him using the Goldwyn x Shottle cross as well as concentrating the Apple blood which is the best blood in his pedigree.

An old bull that could be considered because of his easy calving rating would be Hanoverhill Jethro.

For the Contender daughter i would look for old bulls that have ABC Fond Hope and Fury Reflector blood.

Browndale Sir Christopher (Fury x Telstar)

Leadfield Prestar (Lakehurst x Telstar)

Pinehurst Copyright (Lakehurst x Fury)

Agro Acres Attraction (Fond Matt x Roeland)

Roybrook Tempo (Starlite x Telstar)

Dumbelle Royal Majesty (Majesty x Citation R)

(Elm-Park Avanti Red) (Flano x Leadman)

Avanti is not the best bull in the world but he makes very strong daughters and he is very close to Kingpin(Apollo) blood a very rare kind of bull.

Some other old bulls that i believe may be useful for breeding based on there pedigrees are these.Many of them passed nothing on and are basically stuck in time and if they can be found they should be used.

Cal-Clark Cutlass (S Ned Boy x Astronuat)

Puget Sound Sultan (Pete x Conductor)

Shore Stylist (Reflector x Telstar)

Hanoverhill Renegade (Columbus x Elevation)

Ajay Starlite Sidney (Starlite x Ivanhoe)

Glenridge Citamatt (Fond Matt x Citation R)

Hanoverhill Jethro (Valiant x Bootmaker)

Lonsfarm Kay Elevator (Glendell x R Ivanhoe)

Butlerview Mattador (Admiral Citation x Matt)

Hilltop-Hanover-C Vic (Pete x Bootmaker)

Hilltop-Hanover Hugo (Valiant x Bootmaker)

Hilltop-Hanover-B Drew (Sexation x Valiant)

Birch-Hollow Royalty (Royal Master x Fury)

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