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High Gtpi polled embryos for sale

I have 5 #1 embryos that are Lou-p Red X Bosside colt Yshia Reg. # 71356433. Yshia is the only polled offspring from the only full sister to Co-op Bosside Massey, former #1 Tpi proven bull. Calves will be polled and possible homozygus and possible red with high Gtpi.

I also have 18 #1 Ladd-p X Hendel Mr Burns Biffy embryos that are possible polled and red. Biffy is a Mr Burns from the Oman Biffy cow. I will sell in lots of 6 or sell all of them, these embryos were made using conventional and sexed semen but will be sold as conventional. I also have 5 #1 Colt-P embryos by Biffy and 3 #1 sexed by Ladd-p X Biffy. I would offer a special price if you buy all 26 embryos. Biffy makes so many embryos I just can't get them all in. Biffy calved in as the best looking heifer I have ever owned with the potenial to go Vg88 as a heifer, beautiful udder. When she calved I found out two of her quarters were just swelling and no milk was in there. She classified two monthes later after the swelling had went down at only 80 points, still pretty high for a 2 quartered cow. She is probably 66 or 67 inches tall and weighes 1950 lbs. These embryos could make high Gtpi polled calves.

Thanks, for looking.
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