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Who do you supply mckeague?

What are the values for a,b and c? Do they change with market conditions?

Do you think it adds much more incentive to the old litre bonus system?
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Re: Arla Co-op Membership

We supply Aurivo and yes the values change with market conditions (currently 30.5c/l base price)

I just don't have the values off the top of my head but protein value is weighted around 2.2 times the value of fat, worked off a base of 3.60%Fat, 3.30% protein
The -C part (or processing charge) is 4.2c/l regardless of the Fat & Protein content. Therefore you need to pack every litre with as much fat & protein as you can!

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the 'litre bonus system'?

Our previous co-op was taken over by Aurivo a few years back, at that time we were paid on a 'white water' basis and all we bred for was milk and type.

Since we saw the change in co-op coming we have had to make some drastic breeding decisions to try and lift our components...its finally bearing fruit but has taken at least 5 years, in 2010 our protein was 3.05%, we should break the 3.30% (annual average) next year.

Whether we prefer the new system or not it doesn't matter we just had to get used to it but when you see the top price paid in October being in the high 40's (cpl) it sure makes you want to push on!

Reproduction drives production
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