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Swedish and Danish Red Bulls and Embryos for sale

If someone is looking for Swedish/Danish Red bulls for crossbreeding in the autumn we have a couple of great 5 month old bulls for sale to be reared on

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Wyevalley Cigar Andy is a VR Cigar from Skyhigh Bangkok Andera EX92-2E (her "Ayrshire" PLI is +£120)and she tested at 5% F and 3.7 P last lactation.

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We also have an R Facet from a VG87 R Bahama whose dam was the EX94 Freda cow sold for 3,400 gns.

We will also shortly be flushing both Andera EX92-2E (possibly to the heterozygous polled Tangvoll, #2 NTM Norwegian Red) and Orreja EX93-4E (probably to VR Cigar) who had two sons at Genus and has given up to 10,000 kg at 5.5% F and [sign in to see URL]

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