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Bull for Sale

Anyone in the UK need a mature bull to run with cows? I have a 4 year old Holstein bull for sale.

He was classified EX91 at 3yr old but would be at least 94 points if scored now. He is a beautiful individual and to date has been very quiet to handle

His name is Errolston Director and here is a link to his pedigree on Holstein UK:

Director's pedigree

I am only selling him because we have plenty of offspring from him with the oldest due to calf in about a month. We have a younger bull we want to put in his pen. I would rather not beef him if possible because he is such an outstanding individual, he has been quiet to handle and his heifers are really nice. Another bonus is that his bull calves are big strong calves that bring good money at a month old. I only want beef price for him.

My email address is: errolston@[sign in to see URL]

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Re: Bull for Sale

Any Photos?

Please Sir, I want some more, cos as we all know 'every little helps'!
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