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Jersey Heifers For Sale

As an experiment, two years ago we bought three wee Jersey heifer calves. Now that they're starting to calf down I'm finding they don't quite fit with our herd and farm!

Our next-door neighbour has quite a number of Jerseys in his herd, and as he says; "They're a different animal"!! Hats off to those of you who have them!

Now that they've begun calving down I'm probably going to sell them off, the first one calved yesterday, and is looking well, coming into the parlour and behaving herself, no huge quantity of milk yet, but real strong colostrum, still early days.

I will be getting her recorded, so hopefully by the end of this month I should know BF/PRO/SCC and Yield!! She also produced a Jersey Heifer calf, by Boy it will also be for sale in a few weeks, once it's going well on milk replacer and pellets.

PM me if you're interested.

Please Sir, I want some more, cos as we all know 'every little helps'!
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