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SaaS based Dairy Herd Management Software - Survey

I am posting a link to a survey in order to gauge the level of interest in a SaaS based dairy herd management software application. A software as a service (SaaS) application is typically a web based application where the data is stored off-site via an external data provider. Generally, the service is priced based on upon different usage fees & feature levels.


Click the [url=]survey link[/url] to be taken to the survey.

I am a dairy farmer (& software engineer) located in New York (USA) and I am considering taking on the development of a SaaS-based dairy herd management project for my own needs and to possibly provide the application to others that are using a paper based record keeping system or are just unhappy with their current dairy herd management software.

I am not trying to push anything on anyone but rather just trying to gauge the interest & feedback in a new web based tool for dairy herd record keeping.

If you have any questions then just send me a private message.


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