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Messed up on 2 quarters

I have a 4 yr old Jersey that is a family milk cow. She is in her 2nd lactation and we are allowing her to nurse her calf. Last year she FLOODED us with milk!! I began milking her on day 2 after calving last year and had no problem. This year, she had her calf, and I waited to milk her on day 5. Mostly because I was concerned for her calf, but also because my milker was giving me fits. ([sign in to see URL] [sign in to see URL] already feel like a loser). This time, when I tried to milk her, only the 2 left quarters produced anything. The 2 right quarters produced nothing and were hard. I am assuming it's because the calf favors the left side and has only nursed that side so the right has shut itself off. Should I treat the 2 hard quarters? Should I try to milk them anyway to get them to produce? Thanks!
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