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Re: Conspiracy theories

It is not the scientists that are trying to deceive people most of them are good people trapped between a rock and a hard place coming out with proveable evidence about flat earth could mean death or ridicule there are very powerful people deceiving people not the scientists in most cases.

I think people might be interested in how these people have being pulling the wool over your [sign in to see URL] is my list and every person on this list is somehow related to the queen on both sides of there pedigrees with even more inbreeding to this line further back in there [sign in to see URL] list should give u a grasp of the amormaty of how this controlling bloodline has being manipulating us through every aspect of human society for a very long [sign in to see URL] A BIG CLUB AND YOUR NOT IN IT.

Buzz Aldrin

Neil Armstrong

Gus Grissom

Micheal Jackson

Jimmy Saville

Tom Cruise

Bruce Springsteen

Neil Degrasse Tyson

George Clooney

Mick Jagger

Leo Dicapprio

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

Jenifer Aniston

Frank Sinatra

Mel Gibson


Meryl Streep

Albert Einstein

Timothy Dalton

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Donald Trump

Sylvester Stallone


John Mayor

Margerat Thatcher

General George Patton

Martin Luther King

Tony Blair

Herman Goring

General Douglas Macarther

Winston Churchill

Rudolph Hess

Bernard Montgomery

Wernher Von Braun

Pope John Paul ll

Bill Gates


Goldie Hawn

Anne Hathaway

Scarlett Johansson

Nikola Tesla

Babe Ruth


Lady Gaga

Jim Morrison

Celina Dion

The Wright Brothers

Nelson Mandela

JK Rowling

Thomas Edison

Ronald Reagan

Walt Disney

Malcom X

Paul McCartney

Rosa Parks

John Lennon

Mohamed Ali

Henry Ford


Audrey Hepburn

Baden Powell

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton


George Bush

David Cameron

Dolly Parton

Bob Dylan

JP Morgan

There are many more as well but I highly doubt this is a coincidence that all these people are somehow related and have all ended up in positions of power.

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Re: Conspiracy theories

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How has this thread reached two pages...

Reproduction drives production
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Re: Conspiracy theories

 emoticon I think Kingmambo needs a new tinfoil hat.

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Kingmambo, just where do you get your news?

Seriously, you where praising Trump back then and now you think he's a member of an Illuminati type family along with a bunch of celebrities and politicians?

And why would they try to deceive the Earth about being flat considering the different political opinions of the roster you planted there lol

Farming is fun. Or at least it should be
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